Factors to Consider when Choosing a Swamp Cooler

The Climate That You Live In 

It seems that no matter where you are located, there is going to come a time in the summer when you will seek relief from the heat. This is a common occurrence, but different geographical locations produce different kinds of heat. Someone who lives in Florida and someone who lives in Nevada are going to have polar opposite summertime experiences. The East coast tends to get very humid, and lots of moisture will be present in the air. On the West coast, things can get pretty dry in the desert regions. Swamp coolers are best suited for those living in the Western United States. Although anyone can own one, the results will vary. 

The Model That Suits Your Needs 

You will need to consider the amount of space you have, as well. If you are looking to cool down an entire room or just a small space, the model that you choose is going to make a difference. With all swamp coolers, access to outside air needs to be constant, whether this be through an open window or actual ventilation that is installed. There are some free-standing models and some that sit in your window or wall. As expected, the complexity of upkeep for each one will be different. 

The Budget That You Are Working With 

Generally speaking, you will save money if you decide to go with one of the best evaporative cooler units versus traditional central air conditioning. The costs that you must consider are those that come along with maintenance and installation. A cheap route to take would be a portable swamp cooler, one that simply plugs into the wall and uses a tube to the outside for ventilation (this can be place through a window). There is no installation that requires a professional and minimum upkeep. If you have more money to work with and would like an option that is more permanent, you could opt with a wall or window mounted swamp cooler. The complexity would mean you would need professional installation and routine maintenance, but the unit would be off the floor and out of your way. 

The Environmental Impact 

Swamp coolers are very economically friendly. The main resources that you will need to use to operate your cooler are electricity and water. Since you are not using any gases or refrigerants like those found in some AC units, you will not be contributing anything harmful into the ozone layer. You will actually be reducing your own carbon footprint since swamp coolers tend to be low energy compared to the other alternatives out there. As long as you give the unit a regular wipe down, there should be no harm in running your swamp cooler, even frequently.

Health Benefits You May Experience 

Using a swamp cooler provides an all around fresher air experience. If you suffer from allergies, this could be a way to combat them without having to take allergy medication. This also purifies your room if you are a pet owner. Whether your pet has long hair or short hair, they leave behind dander that you may not see or smell. The swamp cooler will keep the air circulating so it stays as fresh as possible. One of the only health concerns that you will need to consider is that, without proper cleaning, the humidity from the cooler could result in corrosion or mold. It takes a lot for either one to develop, so as long as you have a regular cleaning routine for your unit, you should be absolutely fine.

The Noise Factor 

Having a chilled room is ideal for the summertime, but what about when you are having guests over or you want to sleep? The good news is that swamp coolers are some of the quietest cooling units that you can find on the market. Since they have a typically simple operation, there are no clunky parts involved that will cause excess noise. Most people find the noise that a swamp cooler emits to be peaceful and calming. If you do not want to have any noise at all, you can run your swamp cooler before guests arrive or before bedtime and then seal the cold air in by closing the windows. This would be an alternative to listening to the hum of the unit.