Getting a Healthy experience from your garden

You dream of a vegetable garden … but you have no land?

You own a large lot … but do not know what to do or have trouble maintaining it?

You are not alone!

The uncultivated land is numerous … just as many individuals dream of a garden, but do not have the terrain for it.

It is from their own life experiences that the first platform of garden rentals was born in the heads of 3 Norman friends who knew each other since high school.

A responsible, social and supportive approach

To be quite frank, when a member of the Share Earth team contacted me to ask if I could talk about their platform, I was at first a little skeptical.

The Blog of the Organic Gardener has many visitors … and start-ups logically want to enjoy the visibility of my site.

Not to mention those that have nothing to do with gardening (or for which gardening is only a small part of the activity), most start-ups who losing weight targetted treatment is very interesting; or because the concept is already arch-exploited (I am thinking here particularly of the platforms for exchanges between producers and consumers’ actors … the idea of the century for their founders … but there are already plenty of them) or because ‘is purely and simply scam in my eyes (the “box” gardeners: some seeds, a little soil, containers … and an idea “original” … sold tens of euros … pass).

Share Land, the platform for exchange between landowners and gardenersDespite my initial skepticism, and by an acquaintance.

The idea really made me look interesting.

I often receive messages from people telling me that they would like to garden … but lack of land, it remains a dream.

On the other hand, landlords sometimes “complain” about being too big to maintain, or too far from home to do anything about it.

Shareterre’s goal is to create social bonds between citizens, to break down barriers and encourage intergenerational encounters.

In short, I thought that the concept was worth it … and, browsing a little on the site, I quickly found that it was as successful.

It remains to do a little better know … because there is an exchange, it takes the world!

But for the moment there are just over 300 registered on the site …

But this is just the launch. No doubt this should quickly grow, with more offers and requests …

It is for this reason that I decided to bring my little stone to the building …

How does Share Earth work?

Share Terre is a trading platform, on the same principle as BlaBlaCar for example, designed to connect garden owners … and gardeners without land.

First of all, let’s mention that the registration on Share Earth is free.

The platform is financed by the deduction of a percentage (30%) on the transactions made on the site.

Owner seeking to rent land (or piece of land)

There are many reasons for a landowner to rent a plot to a gardener:

he does not live on the spot

he has a large lot he does not have time to take care of

he has a large plot … too big for him … and rather than having to maintain an unused plot, he says that it could be good to make it available to an individual

he does not like gardener …

Yes … but where to find interested gardeners? Share Terre, by putting in relation owner and applicants, answers this need.

Would you like to rent your land? register here

Gardener looking for a field to cultivate

Of course, this project would make sense if there were also individuals looking for a piece of land to grow their vegetables …