How to Choose a Wheelbarrow


Working in the garden is a sport: mowing, landscaping, decoration, all this involves carrying loads that require effort. Trolley, simple and effective tool, you can avoid many prayers to the gardener. Choosing the best wheelbarrow, however, can be more complicated than it seems. There is a crowd at all prices: 1 wheel, 2 wheels, and even motor! Here are some tips for an informed choice.

The Choice of the Chassis

The chassis is the structure on which the body rests. Well constructed, it directs the load towards the wheel, which limits its efforts. Tubular steel or aluminum frames (Ø32 mm) are known for their robustness. A wheelbarrow will be more stable since its feet are far away. Some chassis incorporates a stop that surrounds the wheel: practical to empty the wheelbarrow, but be careful with falls if you lean too much.

Wheelbarrow 1 or 2 wheels?

A wheel of trolley 1 is very useful and generally costs less than a wheelbarrow of 2 wheels. However, the transport of heavy loads can be problematic since it is you who should strive to balance the art. The wheels of wheelbarrow 2 will be much more stable but will slip away less easily during delicate maneuvers.

Solid Wheel or Inflatable Wheel?

A solid wheel is, by definition, indestructible, which is a significant advantage in terrain conducive to drilling (underbrush, construction sites). An inflatable tire, however, helps cushion floor irregularities for greater comfort (There are indestructible inflated wheels for a slightly higher price). In any case, a large wheel will go through obstacles more easily than a small one.

wheelbarrow in garden

The Box/trolley Ferry

The choice of the tank must be careful. A plastic box (thermoplastic, polypropylene, …) is lightweight and corresponds to use for small jobs. The steel case (painted or galvanized steel) is robust and corresponds to heavy work with a heavy load. Painted steel can oxidize quickly if scratches are not treated, unlike galvanized steel.

If you want a waterproof case, make sure it is not punched into the fasteners with the frame. (The butterfly screws allow this)

Finally, there are many forms of cash: large, deep, with gradual changes in altitude, etc. A narrow and deep box will allow you to easily pass through the doors, for example.

It’s About Using

For an amateur gardener, a wheelbarrow with a plastic box may be enough, but investing in a galvanized metal box is never a bad idea. For sloping or very muddy terrain, a wheelbarrow is probably a reasonable alternative. For DIY jobs or construction, a wheelbarrow with galvanized steel box is essential if you want to keep it permanently.

There are trolleys from € 55 for the simplest, to more than € 700 for motorized models (useful for large loads of more than 200 kg).

With all these tips, you can go in search of the wheelbarrow of your dreams!

Last Tip: Handle Your Wheelbarrow Well

Even with a competitive wheelbarrow, it is important to have a proper posture so as not to damage the back. Therefore, it is important that you always keep your back straight with your arms extended along your body. Efforts should be provided with the legs (do not hesitate to bend the knees to lift the wheelbarrow) and shoulders. You should avoid your lumbar and, therefore, avoid straining with your back. Therefore, a wheelbarrow must have dimensions adapted to who uses it.