Plants to lose weight and lose weight



As you are people who want to take care of your body you will find this article of the most interesting. Learning to use the resources that nature gives us will give us a little boost with our goals. Lipo Sculpt Brackley facials

In this post we are going to talk about foods and plants to lose weight and lose weight that help us with our work.

There are many plants that can facilitate weight loss , but we must understand that they serve different things . That’s right, not all plants or herbs act in the same way in our body, and not all of us have the same needs.

We will classify some of them according to their usefulness when losing weight, and how could it be otherwise we will start with the classics:

Fat burning: acceleration of the metabolism

Green Tea

tea Green tea helps us lose weight by stimulating thermogenesis in our body. This is, explained simply, trigger metabolic reactions in our body to generate heat (and consequently burn calories and lose weight ).

A cup of green tea half an hour after each meal is enough. It is not something we should do sporadically, but in a continuous period of time to make sure we lose additional weight in this way.


red tea Red tea will help us lose weight while avoiding a rebound effect. It has been used for a long time for traditional Chinese medicine and later studied by Western medicine.

Pu-erh infusions will help us reduce the level of fats in the blood and speed up the metabolism of the liver.


Ginseng will help us to process more easily the fats, sugars and proteins that we ingest. While we can give a boost to our method to lose weight and lose weight , we must not abuse it.


Cinnamon will help us process sugars faster. To give you an idea, half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can accelerate up to 20 times the processing of sugars. Not in vain many infusions to lose weight include cinnamon. It’s not only because of its taste!


The fucus, that great unknown and, nevertheless, work of wonders. This algae is very effective in increasing our basal metabolism .

The basal metabolism is, briefly said, the energy that we spend in a resting state.

Interesting, right? By increasing the basal metabolism, we will be able to enlarge the gap between the calories we eat and the calories we burn, achieving a negative caloric balance.


Aloe vera

The aloe will help us cleanse the colon and eliminate the negative flora (there is). This will directly affect the way we absorb nutrients, which will improve considerably. If you suffer from constipation problems, it will be very good for you.


Eating artichoke can come very, very well to lose weight for various reasons.

It will help our body with lymphatic drainage and fluid retention (discussed below, with diuretic plants). Also, some grilled artichokes are good.

Although the heart of the artichoke is what is normally consumed, its leaves are very powerful, but normally they are hard, and that is why they are not eaten.