wedding decoration with flowers


We encourage you to take into account the tonality. Today, weddings are very fashionable pastel green, strong beige and two blue tones called Depp Sage and Gray Willow. Pristine Builders

Create a special environment:

Whether you are going to celebrate outside or inside, we recommend that you use wedding decorations with glamor, style and exclusivity; as well as the occasion deserves.

In the case of an outdoor event or in a garden we advise you to have a closed space with a tent, in case some problems arise. And that space you can decorate to your liking. Keep in mind that in a wedding always highlight the floral centers, the combination of flowers, baskets and candles, you can also decorate with special flags of sackcloth that have messages about the wedding, positive phrases, etc.

Take into account the color of the tablecloth, glass jars for some sweets, large glass jars for some mix of salads or fruit, sack bag with a stick to serve some snacks.
the drapery of the tent, the chandeliers and try to hang the tissue paper, rosettes or candles suspended … That will give it a chic touch if it is held outdoors or in a room.

In addition, there are currently bubbles of glass decorated with a candle inside and that creates a kind of garland thanks to the flowers that can give a very romantic air if you are looking for things to fall from the top of the tent.

We recommend different decoration ideas for weddings

Create differentiated spaces:

Another current trend in weddings is to create different spaces. For example, a space dedicated exclusively to the wedding photocall, another space to the sweet table or candy bar, another living space … The livings in a wedding get more and more … And if you have a structure around the living you can put curtains elegant and even chandeliers that will amaze your guests.

You can not miss ornaments such as blackboards, posters, brands, photocall, letters, hearts …

Use different wedding decorations:

Always following the same style according to which you have chosen but without doubt this year is fashionable vintage style and boho chic but it does not go out of fashion nor the rustic and country style, we recommend you use different decorative accessories such as pompoms, pennants, blackboards, glass jars, centerpieces, balloons, etc. After all, all the elements are very simple, but combined with other elements can give a very elegant look.

Put blackboards on the sweet table can look great. Combining balloons XXL with other smaller ones can be ideal as long as the tonalities and presentation are good, the pompoms can give a very dynamic air in a photocall, in a candy bar and even around a table. And you should not forget the importance of creating a warm environment with candles and lighting … That part is essential as original wedding ornaments.

Having said that, we hope that with these tips you will enjoy the wedding as much as possible and we hope that the wedding decoration looks great. To enjoy, that the great day does not always come!